About Us


144 Years and Counting

Established in 1875, the Baptist Church of Christ at Sardis has seen so many changes! The original building was located on the southeast corner of Hutcheson Ferry and Sardis Roads.  A bigger and new church building was started in 1926.  At the hands of Mr. Henry Peek and many volunteers, it was finished in 2 years. This is the very same building we worship in today.  Records indicate the name of the church was condensed to Sardis Baptist Church in 1942.


Fun Facts

*February 23, 1889 the church voted that each member would give a nickel each month for the year. 

*January 25, 1889 Sister Samantha Thompson kept the church clean for $5.00 per year.  

*April 1902 was the first month the church collected monthly contributions, collecting 85 cents total.


More History

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